By Jon Gledhill

A message for the League Exec

A Message from The Chairman

The ECB Statement, following the latest Government advice around social distancing, that all forms of recreational Cricket and any associated Cricket activity should be suspended is indeed a sad event. We must agree, it is in the best interest of all our Cricket Family, based on the situation we are all now having to face over the coming weeks and months.

Whilst no indication of any future possible start date to the season can be given, regular updates will be sent and appear on the website in conjunction with advice from the Government and Directives from the ECB.

If cricket does start, then we will obviously have truncated competitions in whatever form they might take given the time left in the season. We understand that clubs will be impacted by the current crisis in many different ways and also recognise that any truncated competition may be further impacted by weather. Consequently, because of this uncertainty, there will be no promotion or relegation in the 2020 season. The only exception to this will be if we lose a team or a new team wants to join.

Defining our thinking this early allows both the League and its member clubs to manage the many elements impacting players and officials, particularly those at highest risk, without having to be concerned about playing performance.

It is important that we do our utmost to keep all our clubs alive, and our grounds are not allowed to deteriorate. The Cheshire Groundsman’s Association have been asked to keep an eye out for possible situations where elderly groundsmen cannot carry out their usual duties due to the current crisis, and to offer assistance, wherever possible, to keep the playing areas up to standard even if we are not actually playing on them.

We are also concerned about the financial impact of the current situation on clubs and therefore we can tell you that Readers will not be delivering or invoicing cricket balls until there is a playing need to do so. The Lords pink balls are still in Pakistan where they are manufactured. They will be asked to keep the balls until further notice. We will also review other financial obligations as the situation becomes clearer.

These times are unprecedented and challenging. You may be assured that the Exec are here to offer advice, support and guidance if needed.


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