Chairman's Message 2017

By Jon Gledhill

Welcome to the 2017 season

‘The only thing that is constant is change’ is a quote attributed to the ancient Ephesian philosopher Heraclitus. I’m sure he didn’t have 21st Century Cheshire Cricket in mind when he was thinking his profound thoughts, but the theme applies perfectly.

Following the 2016 season which saw two Divisions-worth of 3rd & 4th XIs from the County League joining the CCL, the CCL & Alliance proposed to merge for the 2017 season and the merger was formally agreed by the Clubs of both Leagues. One of the reasons for the merger proposal was the fact that team numbers, particularly at the lower end of the playing-standards spectrum,
were reducing and sadly two Clubs have decided to fold since the end of 2016.

Several other Clubs have reduced to single-team, at least for the time being, but on a brighter note we have two new Clubs joining in Europa Exiles & Burton, while Malpas make a welcome return with a single team and Timperley add a 4th XI. Clubs who are in difficulty, particularly with regard to playing numbers,
are urged to contact the League, Cheshire Cricket & their local Forum as soon as possible. We will all do whatever we can to help. Please do not leave it until it is too late & dire consequences become inevitable.

The ‘Cheshire Cricket League’ name has been retained, providing continuity back to the League’s formation in 1974, and the new League now has approximately 78 Clubs & 136 Teams playing in 11 Divisions, with UKFast continuing their valued sponsorship. With such a large structure, you will appreciate that it is essential to the smooth running of the League that Clubs fulfil their administration duties correctly and promptly. With this in mind, the League will continue to look at ways to ease Clubs’ administrative load as much as possible, in particular the use of electronic form-filling for a variety of tasks.

Inevitably, there will be a period of settling in, and the League invite Clubs suggestions if they find areas which need tweaking or need clarification.

It would be remiss of me not to congratulate all those teams who achieved promotion and the knockout winners in both Leagues in 2016. In particular, we bid farewell to Bredbury St Marks and Romiley 1st XIs. Bredbury returning to the County League at the first time of asking and Romiley reaching new heights. Stockport Georgians & Heaton Mersey 2nd XIs, two very strong sides who
were the class of Division A. We wish them well in the County League.

So, welcome to the new League to all Clubs & Teams, we hope you have an enjoyable & successful 2017. Hopefully another Heraclitus quote will also prove true ‘The unlike is joined together and from differences results the most beautiful harmony’.

Graham Coull March 2017

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