Social Media Launch
General Social Media Launch By Jon Gledhill

New Twitter, Facebook and Instagram accounts go live.

Umpire Appointments 17 August
General Umpire Appointments 17 August By Christopher Moore

Umpire Appointments 17 August

Umpire Appointments 10 August
General Umpire Appointments 10 August By Christopher Moore

Umpire Appointments 10 August

Umpire Appointments 3 August
General Umpire Appointments 3 August By Christopher Moore

Umpire Appointments 3 August

Umpire Appointments
General Umpire Appointments By Christopher Moore

Umpire appointments

1st XI T20 Cup 2019
General 1st XI T20 Cup 2019 By Jon Gledhill

The T20 Cup 2019 regional groups and fixtures have been released. Click on the information tab, downloads, league documents for details.

Arthur Davis
General Arthur Davis By Jon Gledhill


Brian Davenport
General Brian Davenport By Jon Gledhill


Sponsor's Address 2018
General Sponsor's Address 2018 By Jon Gledhill

2018 Season

Chairman's Message 2018
General Chairman's Message 2018 By Jon Gledhill

Welcome to the 2018 Season

Bill Pollard
General Bill Pollard By Jon Gledhill


Keith Warburton
General Keith Warburton By Jon Gledhill


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